Welcoming Voiceflow to the Ripple Portfolio!

We are extremely excited to announce our newest investment in Ripple Ventures Fund I, VoiceFlow. The team first got introduced to the founders of VoiceFlow through one of our existing private portfolio founders from RoseRocket. Ripple Ventures led the $500,000 round.

Voiceflow is a platform that allows content owners/creators to easily create and monetize voice content without any coding knowledge. While their competition is mainly focused on creating voice apps, Voiceflow focuses on helping users create and distribute voice content through their existing platform for smart speakers content (Alexa, and Google Assistant, etc.). Their go-to-market strategy is the distribution of interactive children’s stories (allowing children to interact and make decisions about the direction of the story), however their technology can be used by any enterprise content requiring voice interactions as well.

“There is a growing number of smart speakers in homes across North America, with the rate of adoption trending higher than that of the mobile phone, targeting 75 percent household penetration within the next two years,” said Braden Ream, co-founder and CEO of Voiceflow. “Smart speaker voice entertainment is growing and Voiceflow makes it easy for people to find voice entertainment they love, and for creators to quickly build and monetize this content on smart speakers. Think of us like the YouTube for voice entertainment, where the best content is recommended for you, and anyone can create and share this content, without coding.”

We are very happy to have Braden Ream, Andrew Lawrence, and Michael Hood join the Ripple network!

Ripple Ventures was launched this year with the belief that early-stage investments should be inclusive of ancillary services, beyond a typical capital injection, which is why we are taking an ‘operator first, investor second’ approach to our fund and opening an incubator for our portfolio companies to work from.