Distributed ID


Founded: 2016
Invested: 2018
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Industry: Enterprise Software
Website: diid.io

Company Overview: Distributed ID enables compliant data sharing for financial services without leveraged logins or screen scraping. DIID helps allow third party access to user's financial data through a privacy preserving gateway without screen scraping. They also help enterprises audit and trace their transactions through transparent records for consent and financial data movement. Lastly, they help firms monitor and understand where identity data records are stored across systems and organizations. 

Our Story: Ripple met the CEO of DIID, Merrick Read, after he was the lead engineer at Turnstyle Solutions for several years. Merricks proven ability to build and scale technology along with his passion for enterprise blockchain solutions, lead Ripple to invest in the companies pre-seed round.

The Ripple team is supportive and educational - adding value without being intrusive. Our relationship is honest, open, fair, and overall a huge asset for a young company with first time founders.
— Merrick Read, CEO & Co-Founder, Distributed ID