Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based, and where do you invest?  

We are headquartered in downtown Toronto at the Ripple Tank. We seek to fund companies in Toronto, Waterloo, Montreal, New York and Boston. As we are hands-on investors, we like to be close to our companies. 

At what stage, and which industries are your investments focused?

We invest in pre-seed to seed stage software companies with a B2B/SMB/Enterprise focus. We don't invest in hardware, medical devices or consumer.

What is your average check size?

We seek to lead our investments with initial check sizes between $250,000 and $500,000. We also allocate a portion of our fund to invest in follow-on rounds. 

Do you prefer to be a part of the board?

We typically like to be on the board of companies that we invest in. As operators, we want to help you make the tough decisions and provide as much value as possible to get the best outcome for everyone to prepare you for your next round of financing. 

What is your requirement for traction with companies you're looking at?  

We do not have requirements for revenue traction or metrics. At our stage of financing we understand that business models are not yet set in stone, and recent revenue is not entirely indicative of future revenues.

The one thing that we look for is that companies should have LOI's or MOU's with potential pilot partners to show that conversations are happening, and traction is in the works. 

What if things don't happen to plan after you invest? How will you help us?

We are patient because we have built companies from the ground up ourselves. Once we start our journey together, we no longer sit across the table from you but alongside you as partners. From our own experiences, we know that not everything happens according to plan and we are there to weather the storm with you. We will be there every step of the way through both the good and the bad to help you grow and solve problems each and every day.

What's the difference between an Advisor and an Entrepreneur in Residence?

Our advisors help us with our due diligence process as they possess domain expertise in healthcare, media, enterprise software, and more. They are the ones in the field that have a good understanding of your market and use cases.

Our entrepreneurs in residence will help you and other portfolio companies once a month in our office space. We know that early-stage startups face challenges dealing with HR, Finance, and more. With our network, we got you covered.  

What is the "Tank" and how do companies get a chance to work there?

The "Tank" is the Ripple incubator space we have located in downtown Toronto. We offer it to our portfolio companies to use as a co-working space (subject to availability) to allow them to work and collaborate with other passionate entrepreneurs building amazing products. Our office is a full turn-key space with standing desk, meeting rooms, kitchen supplies and high-speed internet. The "Tank" is offered to companies ranging from 5-15 employees and can be rented from 6 to 24 months.