Keen Home


Founded: 2013
Invested: 2017
Location: New York
Industry: Hardware / Software

Company Overview: Keen Home develops proactive hardware and software products to protect and enhance your home's core systems, providing homeowners with increased comfort, improved efficiency, and a better maintained home.

Our Story: Ripple met Keen home and the CEO, Nayeem Hussein, in Boston in early 2017 after the company launched its initial product on kickstarter. The company demonstrated strong early traction with key buyers in the space, along with a impressive understanding of the global manufacturing space.

Ripple Ventures possesses many of the characteristics I prize in an investor: well-connected, level headed, and decisive. Matt’s heritage as a seasoned entrepreneur makes him a valuable resource on the operations side as well. I hope to do business with Ripple Ventures for many years to come.
— Nayeem Hussain, CEO & Co-Founder