Founded: 2016
Invested: 2018
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Industry: Healthcare / Enterprise SaaS

Company Overview: OnCall Health is a white-labeled end-2-end encrypted telemedicine platform for B2B healthcare providers to treat patients. Software is PHIPA (Personal Health Information Privacy Act) compliant, which requires a certain level of encryption and designed set of procedures for handling data by technology providers in healthcare applications. The enterprise SaaS platform is primarily used in mental health and eTherapy practices around Canada & US.

Our Story: When Ripple Ventures originally invested in OnCall, we promised that we would be hands-on strategic investors, helping the company with expansion into various markets outside of telemedicine. Through weekly calls and regular introductions to industry leaders, Ripple was able to help OnCall grow to additional verticals such as consulting, legal, and medical cannabis clinics. 

The Ripple Ventures team brought a surge of energy to our company the day we started working with them. They are fully aligned with our vision, and provide us with value on a daily basis through an impressive network and breadth of expertise in scaling a company.
— Nicholas Chepesiuk, CEO & Co-Founder, OnCall Health