Founded: 2015
Invested: 2018
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Industry: Automotive Technology
Website: pitstopconnect.com

Company Overview: Pitstop is a prognostics platform that harnesses data from several sources including the connected car. The company is one of the only players in the market to perform predictive analytics on engine failure. Pitstop applies this data together with proprietary algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide actionable insights for vehicles, emissions, fleets, and maintenance.

Our Story: The team first got introduced to the founders of Pitstop through a startup pitch event called Fundica Roadshow.  We were very impressed with the Founder and CEO, Shiva Bhardwaj. He had a great understanding of the automotive and aftermarket service industry and a solid technology background from working at NVIDIA and Blackberry as a systems engineer.

What really excited us about Shiva was his ability to attract seasoned executives to join his team at such an early-stage, like his Head of Sales, Joe LaCrosse. We met Joe in Toronto and quickly understood his vast experience and network in the local Detroit automotive industry after spending more than 25 years there.

Another reason why we loved Pitstop was that we appreciated the decisions that Pitstop has made over the past year to shift to an enterprise-first model as this is where we see a huge opportunity to drive data and analytics among the various sub-sectors of the automotive industry (OEM, Suppliers, After-Market, Insurance, etc.).

Working with Ripple Ventures has been like onboarding an extended executive team. When you ask for help they are willing to dive in deep to get the job done. For Pitstop this has been supporting with HR, Fundraising, Sales and Customer Development. If your looking for investors with true operating experience the Ripple team is exceptional.
— Shiva Bhardwaj - CEO & Co-Founder of Pitstop