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The RippleX Fellowship is a 16 week extra curricular program powered by Ripple Ventures. Throughout the school term, students are coached and taught the intricacies of venture funds, and startup operations/financing. It is a remote program that connects students from Canada & the United States with a common interest of becoming better equipped as aspiring VC’s, Founders, or employees at tech startups. It builds the skillsets, knowledge, and experience that otherwise are rare to acquire as a student.

Why call it the RippleX Fellowship?

We are simply looking to bring together students from different backgrounds looking to become better equipped to execute on their aspirations in tech.

Student Testimonials

“Through exposure to the leads’ rich experience in tech and venture capital, this program has empowered me to better scout and understand early stage companies. I learnt how to isolate my enthusiasm for new technologies from the scouting process so as to effectively filter for viable market opportunities; I strongly believe that this experience will enhance my career and investment decisions in future.”

“This experience takes you through the entire venture capital process from start to finish. From initial ecosystem research, to building your own database of start ups as well as the incubators/accelerators that fuel their growth, all the way to filtering start ups to find the most promising one; and finally showcasing that company to your team and mentors. This is a program that expands far beyond what you learn in any classroom. The mentorship is invaluable and the connections last far beyond the program itself.”


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