Founded: 2016
Invested: 2017
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Industry: Enterprise Software

Company Overview: RoseRocket is an Order Management Platform that uses cloud-based software (SaaS) to connect customers (shippers) to (Brokers, Carriers, Private Fleet, 3PL’s) operations via a beautiful and powerful online portal. RoseRocket integrates into existing Transportation Management Systems (TMS) or can stand alone as a lightweight TMS for Brokers or Light Asset Carriers. RoseRocket seamlessly replaces out of date or non-existent online portals with a fast and modern user experience that our shippers love. The 3 things we are really really good at:

  1. Automating tedious paperwork, emails and phone calls

  2. The industries fastest and most flexible rating engine

  3. Empowering our customers for explosive growt

Our Story: Ripple first met Rose Rocket at the Waterloo Alumni Angels event in Kitchener. The CEO and Co-Founder, Justin Hein was extremely passionate and knowledgable about the trucking industry. Given his teams background in trucking and their early traction with US customers, Ripple was very excited to participate in their Seed round. Justin and his team build amazing products and always explain to investors how they are solving critical issues for their clients.

Ripple’s process was simple, fast and transparent. Their approach to investing was a welcome breath of fresh air. After investing they are active without being intrusive; a very hard balance to achieve.
— Justin Hein, CEO & Co-Founder, Rose Rocket