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Founded: 2017
Invested: 2018
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Industry: Media Technology
Website: voiceflow.com

Company Overview: Voiceflow (previously Storyflow) is a platform that allows content owners/creators to easily create and monetize voice content without any coding knowledge. While their competition is mainly focused on creating voice apps, Voiceflow focuses on helping users create and distribute voice content through their existing platform for smart speakers content (Alexa, and Google Assistant, etc.). They started off the platform building their own interactive children’s stories (allowing children to interact and make decisions about the direction of the story), but have now opened up their technology to be used by any enterprises or agencies looking to build voice content as well.

Our Story: The team first got introduced to the founders of Voiceflow through one of our existing private portfolio founders from RoseRocket. At first, we were not very interested in what they were building as it appeared to be an interactive children’s storytelling app for smart speakers like Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant. However, we started to receive the companies updates over the summer and were quite impressed with the level of detail and analytical insight they were providing in their updates.

We decided to bring the team back in again for another face to face meeting to see what they were up to. As soon as we realized what they were building we were completely blown away! It wasn't a children's storytelling app anymore, the team at Voiceflow was building a platform that allowed any content producer to create their own interactive voice content using drag & drop actions like Powerpoint or Squarespace to build their own content.

Ripple Ventures takes the lead when other firms shy away, or wait for others. The Ripple team moves quickly to add value from day one, with many of our first users and customers coming through their network. Ripple was recommended to us by one of their current portfolio companies and we couldn’t be happier to recommend them to any company looking to make an impact.
— Braden Ream, CEO & Co-Founder of Voiceflow

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